eTeacher Android French
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eTeacher French for Android

Learn French wherever you are

If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android system, you can learn French wherever you are: at home, in a park, in a bus, train, plane etc.

The main features of eTeacher French for Android Application:

  • Over 300 exercises of 7 types on all levels of difficulty from beginner to proficiency.
  • Each exercise can be run in a Learn or Test mode.
  • Funny comments after each good or wrong answer.
  • Interface and help in 14 languages.
Typing picture drill
Typing picture drill. Correct answer
Typing picture drill
Typing picture drill. Wrong answer
Multiply choice picture drill
Multiply choice picture drill
Classic multiple choice test
Classic multiple choice test
Sentence ordering by dragging
Sentence ordering by dragging.
Sentence filling
Sentence filling. Wrong answer.

You can install a free trial version (with several example exercises) from a Google Play Store. When you purchase a full version from our site, you will get a code to unlock all the exercises on your device.

In Google Play Store, this application can be found either as eTeacher or as efTeacher and can be assigned to our partner firm Karamba Labs Ltd. But you will always recognize it by our logo with a pink elephant.