Keyboard Master
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Keyboard Master

Typing Tutor with Games

Keyboard Master will teach you touch-typing quickly in a very attractive way.

Instead of doing boring and monotonous drills, you will learn or improve touch-typing quickly while playing attractive typing games with the same or even better result.

Ideal for both adults and children!

In a few weeks, even if you do nothing more than play our games regularly, you will be able to type quickly without errors, and without looking at the keyboard. And this skill of touch-typing will be yours forever!

Follow courses or learn free!

Depending on your preferences, you can learn by following one of the ready-made course scenarios included in the program, or choose exercises and games individually.

We advise to start with a short (3-5 minute) introductory exercise for each letter and then move to games to build your skills, but you can omit them altogether moving directly to games.

The courses are longer or shorter, both for beginners or advanced users. You can choose whether material is introduced more quickly or more slowly. You can also choose whether you want to learn the whole keyboard or only the part you use most often.

You can also take an exam and print a virtual certificate when completing the course.

Keyboard Master - Exercise window
Keyboard Master - Main exercise window.
Keyboard Master - Gra Galeria
The Gallery Game. Entering words correctly displays fragments of an image. Here is a famous painting of Renoir.

Special educational games

Both games are incorporated in the typing course, so there appear only the letters you have already learned. There is no time to look at the keyboard to gain a satisfying result. Your result depends on the number of letters involved, speed and accuracy, so your score reflects your increasing touch-typing skills.

So even if you neglect our systematic courses, becoming the master of those games, means becoming the Keyboard Master and touch typing expert.

The Gallery Game

In the Gallery game you make wonderful pictures as when putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

To build the whole picture you must enter all appearing words in time and without mistakes.

You can also learn art and try to guess the painter just with few fragments. There is a huge art gallery (several hundred pictures). If you don't like art, you can choose landscapes or animal photographs.

Keyboard Master - Bomber Game
In the Bomber game you defend various towns or other objects against attacks from the air.
Keyboard Master - Statistics
One of statistics - Speed

The Bomber Game

In the Bomber Game you defend various towns or industrial object against falling bombs. You must enter quickly the letters painted on bombs to destroy them. If you fail, the town or object will be gradually ruined.

Keyboard Master Typing Tutor can teach touch typing efficiently people in any age, children, adults, seniors and can improve typing skills regardless of the initial level of the user. You can also generate exercises with the letters of your choice or make exercises or tests from your own text files.